Dual Profile Board Scanner


The DPS-824S1 Dual Profile Board Scanner is designed for transverse sawmill optimization scanning applications.

With a large scan zone and scan rates up to 3000 scans per second, the

DPS-824S1 is ideal for scanning boards, flitches, and cants up to 12” thick.

The proprietary co-planar scanning technology, combined with the ability to load new processing software delivers scanning performance today with a technology upgrade path for the future.

The industrial grade DPS-824S1 is normally installed in groups of 10-26 scanners, larger and smaller installation are possible. It is considered by many, as the most reliable sawmill scanner available today.


  • Measurement Type: 3D Geometric (S1/CV) + RGB Color (CV)
  • Scanning Technique: Co-planar coded light
  • Ambient Immunity: Excellent
  • System Architecture: Hermary Factory Vision Network
  • Enclosure Type: Solid CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Laser Classifications: Class II Visible


  • Trimmer optimization
  • Edger optimization
  • Cant optimization


  • Scan Rate: S1/CV: 3000/1000 scans per second
  • Data Points Per Scan: 100+
  • Interface: Ethernet – TCP/IP
  • Electrical Supply: 24 VDC
  • Dimensions: 23.8 x 5.8 x 2.0 inches

DPS-824 Videos

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