Wood Industry

Full Length Log Scanning

In this application, Hermary Machine Vision scanners are used to capture a 3D digitized model of a log’s shape and dimensions. The digitized model is used by system integrators to create a unique cutting solution for every log, ensuring lumber recovery is maximized and waste is minimized.

Hermary has three different products that can be used in a variety of similar applications and environments. The SL-1880 is used in general applications and the DPS-4024VE has grayscale and geometric imaging that can be used for the detection of splits in logs. These scanners can be used indoors or with a use of a scanner enclosure, outdoors. For outdoor applications, where a scan enclosure is not practical the

DPS-4024HA can be used in direct sunlight.

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Full Length Log Scanning

“A long term customer asked for a solution to scan logs in direct sunlight. Our R&D team evaluated technical options and developed a high ambient solution for their application.”

Tom Hermary

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